Many GM employees are unsure of their eligibility and available discounts.  We’ve selected a few of the more common questions asked regarding the GM Dealership Employee Discount Program, and invite you to send us a message with any additional questions you might have.


Who is eligible?

Full-time, active employees of eligible GM dealerships, who have been full-time for at least one month, and are residents of the US.

Where can I receive my discount?

Participants may only purchase vehicles that the employing dealership location is franchised to sell or from dealerships owned by the sponsoring dealer owner operator at the time of delivery.

How do I receive my discount?

You need your BAC code, and must go to www.gmded.com for your personal Authorization Number.  Print it our and bring it to your salesperson at your dealership to receive your vehicle discount.

Are family members eligible for the vehicle discount?

All vehicles must be titled and registered or leased in the approved employee’s (not company’s) name.  The vehicle may be jointly registered, licensed, titled, insured, and/or owned in the approved employee’s name and the name of his or her spouse.


If you have other questions, again please feel free to send us a message, or click here to see additional FAQ’s.


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